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Gianmarco Merlini was born on May 20th, 1992 in Rome. He plays the piano since he was 9 and thanks to his deep passion for music he started composing neo-classical melodies. He has performed his own compositions at many venues and in October 2017 joined the Educational Music Academy of Milan, the academy for young composers founded and directed by M° Roberto Cacciapaglia, where he published his first album “Colori d’Anima” (2020). From July 2018 he is the co-founder of “hArt”, a project shown in many events (such as Media Art Festival, Maker Faire Rome 2018) that consists to the creation, through a robot, of an abstract artwork that represents the exhibition of a musician while playing the piano. The name of the project, "hArt", derives from the two words "hardware" and "Art". The name wants to unify Art made by musicians with the role of technology as that tool that can helps human beings to show the essence, the "heart", of their artwork.

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